Meet the Paracas Kitesurfing Team

& our Certified IKO Kitesurfing Instructors!

Paracas is the ultimate paradise when it comes to flat water locations. To make things even better, the kitesurfing location is located only 3 hours south of Lima!

All of our fun and friendly kitesurfing instructors are IKO certified and will give kitesurfing lessons with great passion and patience!

Think constant winds, wide beaches, flat waters with very few people (no crowds yay!) and great vibes in the safety of the bay of Paracas!

Paracas Kitesurfing

We Are Paracas Kitesurfing

Paracas Kitesurfing Juan Lena
Juan Lena
School Manager

Meet Juancho Lena from Argentina, the Manager-Head, IKO Level 3 instructor and social media expert. He is in charge of the instructors and lessons . He teaches with motivational and professional approaches, and great vibes. He also guides the kitesurfing trips, never without his guitar or ukulele. He has been kiting for 8 years, is passionate about the Old School style and a fan of board-off tricks!

Paracas Kitesurfing Billy Halsted
Billy Halsted

Meet Billy Halsted (aka Billy Boy), our on personal Baywatcher. He is Australian and an IKO Assistant. Billy Boy manages the rescue boat and saves all the kiteboarders in trouble in the bay. He also helps launching and landing kites. Always willing to help, Billy will advise on what the wind is doing and what kite to use. Have you ever seen someone doing a Dark Slide? Billy is the best!

Paracas Kitesurfing Agos Talpo
Agos Talpo
School Accountant & Manager

Meet Agos TaIpo, the manager and accountant for Kangaroo Kite. Although she is Argentine she approaches the business with a German strict like mentality. Agos is in charge of organizing the school, planning the classes, ordering the materials and carrying the numbers. She is also an 1K0 Level 1 instructor and gives her classes with great patience and dedication.

Hayden Halsted

Get to know Hayden Halsted, our Mr Handy Man. Hayden is in charge of all the maintenance. He was born in Australia, and has the talent to be able to build, install and fix anything. If you see someone with a beer in one hand and a hammer in the other, you’ve most likely found Hayden. If not, you will see him doing the highest jumps, with the longest lines and a 12m switch blade. He is also a GoPro addict, making incredible YouTube videos on our channel.

Paracas Kitesurfing Vicki Halsted
Vicki Halsted
Marketing Manager

Meet Vicki Halsted, our Marketing Manager-Business Operations. Cabrinha Dealer. She comes from Australia and makes sure that the school always has the best and latest in kiteboarding equipment, making Kangaroo Kite one of the best school in Paracas! Vicki is also an IKO level 1 instructor. Kites with a Cabrinha XO Limited Edition standing out in the bay. She is also a lover of “Chilcano”, an authentic drink from Peru.

Sammy & Jellyfish

Meet Sammy, our Australian web programmer and Jelly Fish, CEO of Paracas Kitesurfing. Jelly is a boss of few words, always calm but making sure that the school is in the best conditions and everyone does their job. Sometimes she attends to customers sitting at the Shack’s counter but spends most of her time sunbathing on the grass.

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